Grow with your business

Whether you want to automate your greenhouse management or have a better control on your plants' health: GrowX is your OpenSource answer.

The Idea

We want to create a system able to easily connect all the Smart Sensors supported by the OpenSource world. Step by step we will create the code to manage, synchronize and obtain data from them. We decided to start with the Xiaomi Mi Flora and its brother, the Xiaomi Mijia v2.

Save time and money

GrowX provides precise informations every minute, so that you are able to dose the best quantities of water and light for your plants.

Catch plants' needs early

Don't wait till it's too late to refill the water levels, thus damaging your overall crop production.

Manage from phone

You can check comfortably from your phone the latest informations about your plants.

Less waste means less pollution

Contribute helping the planet by reducing energy wastes.

Raspberry Pi Friendly

Use the latest Ubuntu Desktop 20.10 to easily set up a cohesive evinroment.

Help along the way

Help the development of the next control software for your plants by joining the Github discussion forum.

Application Examples

Install Instructions

                    1 - install growx

                        $ - sudo snap install growx

                    2- connect if needed the proper interface:

                        $ - sudo snap connect growx:bluetooth-control

                    3- follow the youtube video to pair your sensor(s):

Supported Hardware

For the complete list of supported Sensors please check our Github repository

The Team

Mauro Riboni

App Engineer

Snap Mantainer

Alessandro Arensi

Backend Specialist

Code Mantainer

Who are we

We are two guys from the North of Italy who work in the Engineering field. We are both passionate and curios, we love to develop solutions to problems and upcoming new challenges.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or improvements please use the email below

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